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Disfluency - Short Film

Credits: Writer/Producer

Jim Cummings'

Short to Feature Film Lab

Disfluency is an award winning short film that follows a young woman through her daily life, from her passive usage of the phrase "I'm sorry," to her being raped and the emotional aftermath. All the while, this habit of apologizing eerily stays with her throughout, begging the question: have we let rape become a cultural disfluency—an expected, almost unnoticeable interruption—in our culture?

Anna was recently selected as one of ten fellows at the Inaugural Short to Feature Film Lab that will take place in September 2018. She will work alongside industry professionals and peers to transform her short film Disfluency into a feature concept.

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Seed&Spark Fundraiser

We're turning our award winning short film about the aftermath of rape into a feature.

Filming in Michigan, Summer 2019. 

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